June 12-14, 2024

Tallinn, Estonia






Unleash Your SEO Potential

SEO Estonia brings together the best and brightest minds in the industry with a focus on practical insights and actionable strategies.

You’ve got 15 world-class speakers along with a diverse audience of global experts and local talent. Our event offers a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and connect.

We’ll be hosting 2 amazing mastermind events – a full-day one for the VIPs, speakers, and sponsors and one open to all attendees.

You’ll work directly with other entrepreneurs and marketers to get actionable ideas on growing your business.



Unparalelled Networking Opportunity

You’ll be in the same room with some of the best SEOs and marketers around the world. Learn new strategies, build new relationships, or even find your next business partner.


Learn From The Best in the Industry

No fluff, highly actionable presentations from professionals killing it in the real world.


2 Days of Actionable Masterminds

Our masterminds will match you in groups of 4-5 other super smart attendees who we think could help grow your business.

You’ll work together to help solve the key problems in your businesses and keep eachother accountable.


An Experience You'll Never Forget

You’ll be leaving with a wealth of new knowledge, relationships, and an infinite amount of inspiration. Not only that, we can guarantee you’ll have unforgettable memories along the way.


3 days, 15 speakers

Speaker Lineup (2023)


Google Proof Your Sites: Strategies to Reduce the Negative Effects of Google Updates

Kyle is famous for his “Lorem Ipsum” case study, creating PageOptimizer Pro , High Voltage SEO, as well as Internet Marketing Gold – one of the best SEO communities. He’s also one of the most sought-after speakers in the industry and the co-host of this event.

karl kangur - seo estonia


How You Can Turn 5-Figure Sites Into 6 & 7 Figure Properties (As a Side Hustle)

Karl is a serial entrepreneur with 14 years of SEO experience and one of the co-hosts of SEO Estonia. Day to day he runs Sales and Marketing at SEO agency Smash Digital as well as their investment arm,

Travis Jamison

travis jamison

Thinking Like an Investor With SEO: How to Add Zeros to Your Projects

Travis started with SEO over a decade ago and has sold several businesses for 7-8 figures. He’s also the Founder of Smash Digital,,, and an investor in a myriad of other companies. Did we mention angel investing yet? That too.

Bibi the link builder

Bibi the Link Builder

The Quest for Inbox Conquest: How You Can Become Awesome at Email Outreach

In a world ravaged by the undead, Bibi emerges as a force to be reckoned with. Leading a fearless link building agency that spans the globe, she's the ultimate survivor in the chaotic landscape of the zombie apocalypse. Armed with her unwavering determination and a knack for creative outreach.


Bibi concocts ingenious ideas for linkable assets that defy all expectations. But what truly sets Bibi apart from the horde of desperate link builders is her unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency. No shady tricks or underhanded tactics will be found in her arsenal. She fearlessly reveals her battle-tested link building methods and unveils her unique strategies for reaching out to those elusive link prospects, even in the darkest corners of the undead-infested wasteland.

craig campbell

Craig Campbell

Ask Craig Anything! Topics: YouTube SEO, Black Hat SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Buying and Selling Digital Asset

Craig Campbell is a UK-based SEO/Affiliate marketer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Craig has gone from freelancer working from home, to agency owner and now regularly shares knowledge and experiences are conferences all over the world.

kasra dash


The Main Reasons Why Websites Tank and How to Avoid Them

Kasra is a well-experienced SEO/Business owner, and his team have scaled out 650 websites, 18 gambling affiliate websites, and 12 casino sites.

His team at have generated over 2 Million organic leads for businesses across the UK, Canada & Australia.

George Blandford

George Blandford

Link Building for Link Builders

George Blandford is co-owner of Linkology and has nearly a decade of experience in off-site SEO.

He is also the co-creator of “M-Flux“, a unique formula for link assessment. When not immersed in Linkology, George is a devoted husband and father of four, and is also involved in multiple side-ventures. Eager to share his knowledge in Estonia, George invites attendees to engage in a candid, no-nonsense conversation about all aspects of link-building.

Darby Rahme

Darby Rahme

Write 1 Year of Local SEO Content in 1 Day: Articles, GBP Posts, & More at Scale With ChatGPT

Darby Rahme is the owner of Warrior Digital, a full-service digital agency based in Canada that specializes in the commercial real estate sector. With more than a decade of experience in SEO, Darby has worked with Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest real estate companies in the world, including doing SEO for Manulife Real Estate,


Oxford Properties Group, QuadReal Residential, and BentallGreenOak. Darby is an IMG instructor with courses on SEO for Real Estate and an Introduction to Google Ads.

charles floate

Charles Floate

Ask Charles Anything!
Topics: Link Building, Ecomm, Parasite, and Non-English SEO

Charles has been a regular in the grey hat SEO space for well over a decade, running tens of affiliate sites & posting over 500 SEO blog posts throughout his career.

He created multiple, large black hat SEO case studies that shook the industry and showed the world how much a young talent could do.

Robert Niechial

Robert Niechciał

Shit In -> Shit Out SEO

Robert is a Partner in Vestigio – one of the first Data Science SEO agencies in the world. He is an expert with 17 years of experience in SEO and affiliate.

In his professional history, he ranked websites from the simplest keywords up to “payday loans” in the UK and USA.

Koray Tugburk Gubur

Koray Tuğberk Gübür

Top Secret 🙂

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR is the founder and owner of the Holistic SEO & Digital. Koray publishes SEO case studies, researches, and detailed A/B tests along with their results. Koray regularly attends webinars, conferences, and SEO-related events. He focuses on Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Entity-based Contextual Search, Semantic Content Network Creation, and Marketing, Branding, and Reputation Management.

Kevin Meng

Kevin Meng

Unraveling the Impact of AI on Content Quantity and Quality

Kevin is a copywriter and writing instructor with nearly a decade of experience in the SEO industry teaching SEOs how to improve conversions and reader engagement.

He is the founder of Web Copy Masterclass


His teachings on writing, hiring, and training have been featured in the Affiliate Lab, Authority Hacker, Internet Marketing Gold, and Blog Growth Engine.

Kyle Roof and Karl Kangur tricked him into speaking at this conference over champagne in Ho Chi Minh City, and he couldn’t find a way to back out politely. He looks forward to showing everyone that AI is doing nothing but increase content volume and exacerbate quality issues.

Kalin Karakehayov from SEO Domains

Kalin Karakehayov

The Economics of SEO

Founder of the Edoms startup and a huge provider of SEO value domains over at SEO.Domains. Kalin has over 10 years of experience in both SEO as well as domains and is one of the most respected names in the industry.

thomas smale


Lessons From Over $1 Billion in Exits – and Why SEO Matters

Thomas is the CEO of FE International.
He is a serial business entrepreneur and M&A expert, having built the industry-leading firm in the $1-100M global technology sector. With experience dating back to the early 2000s, Smale offers invaluable technical, diligence and negotiation advice to early-stage and seasoned business owners alike, which has resulted in over 1,000 successful exits.

Adam Chronister

Adam Chronister

Unleashing AI Potential: Mastering Prompt Hijacking, Stacking, and Automation

Adam Chronister is a renowned figure in the digital marketing industry, widely recognized for his entrepreneurial prowess and expertise. As the founder of Enleaf, a highly successful US-based digital marketing agency, Adam has transformed businesses and propelled them to new heights of success.


In addition, his deep understanding of the industry has earned him accolades from publications such as Market Watch, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal.

With a career spanning over a decade, Adam has consistently delivered exceptional results for some of America’s most prominent brands. His invaluable contributions to digital marketing campaigns have led to the remarkable growth of numerous businesses, with revenues skyrocketing to millions of dollars a month. Adam’s relentless pursuit of excellence and ability to navigate the ever-changing industry landscape make him a sought-after expert.

Adam’s influence extends beyond his work in marketing. He has established himself as a compelling speaker, captivating domestically and internationally audiences. His talks cover various topics, including cryptocurrency, online privacy, and search engine optimization. Adam’s ability to simplify complex concepts and deliver insightful presentations has garnered him a dedicated following.

Previous Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

The conference is broken down into three days. 

On the 16th we kick off with the VIP mastermind as well as a special dinner for the VIPs, speakers, and sponsors.

The 17th is the first official day and will include six of our speakers and a mastermind event open to all attendees Deluxe and above.

In the evening, we’ll have a scavenger hunt style bar crawl through the Rottermann quarter – there’ll be prizes and a lot of networking opportunities to help you level up and make new connections.

On the 18th we’ll finish things off with our 9 final speakers.

After that, we’ll head to a Michelin Guide venue to spoil you with lots of networking, drinks, and entertainment.

VIP Mastermind: August 16th

A full-day, private mastermind event for our VIP ticket holders, speakers, and sponsors.

Day 1: August 17th

Keynote speech, 5 speakers, main mastermind event, networking (an epic bar crawl with prizes in the Rottermann quarter).

Day 2: August 18th

Two keynote speakers and our final 7 speakers to finish off the event. An epic closing party for all your networking needs.

Venue: Radisson Collection Tallinn

The event will be at the luxurious Radisson Collection hotel in the heart of Tallinn. It’s short walk away from all the main attractions if you decide to go explore. 

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Our Guarantee

This conference is brought to you by 2 of the top SEO experts in the field: Kyle Roof, Founder of Page Optimizer Pro and Internet Marketing Gold, and Karl Kangur from Smash Digital and

We’re confident that you’ll love the insights and knowledge you gain from this conference. In fact, we’re so confident, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the conference after attending, both Kyle and Karl will give you a private consultation, completely free of charge (valued at $1,500).

In other words, you really can’t lose. We’re certain you’ll learn from the best and take your SEO skills to the next level with the conference itself… If not, we’ll make it happen in a private session.

Join us at SEO Estonia and secure your spot today!


Meet the Organizers

karl kangur - seo estonia

Karl Kangur

Karl got started in SEO in 2008 through blackhat SEO and affiliate sites. Since then, he has successfully exited three of his companies, including two affiliate sites and an SEO agency for SaaS companies.

Day to day he’s in charge of Marketing and Sales at SEO agency Smash Digital, managing the investment deals at, running a portfolio of affiliate sites – and now, apparently hosting conferences!

Kyle Roof

Kyle is responsible for the development and implementation of all SEO techniques used by the SEO agency High Voltage SEO and the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro. Kyle is also the co-founder of Internet Marketing Gold, a global community of 3000+ SEO professionals who test and prove cutting edge SEO techniques.

Kyle’s SEO techniques and discoveries are followed by many SEO professionals and business leaders, he has been featured in many respected publications and is a regular speaker on SEO and SEO testing at conferences throughout the world.

Timo Porval

Timo Porval

Timo is the reason this event is possible, he’s done all of the hard work on the ground in Estonia and responsible for the amazing experience you’re going to have.

He’s been in digital marketing for more than a decade, hosted some of the biggest conferences and events in Estonia, founded a marketing agency called Lavii, and runs the biggest marketing community in the country – Turunduslabor (The Marketing Lab).

Rumors say he may also be the real Bruce Wayne. He’s lost over 30 KG, ran a 111 km ultramarthon with a year of training, wrote a best-selling book,  and can probably kick your ass at pool.



Estonia is a small country in North Europe responsible for bringing you amazing companies and technology such as Skype, Hotmail, TransferWise, PipeDrive, Bolt, and a ton of others.

It’s one of Europe’s hottest startup hubs and one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world. We had online voting back in 2005 and 1 GB/s wifi in the forests ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

It’s also a super beautiful country – the Tallinn Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to the 1600s and is basically untouched.

You’ll find tons of amazing restaurants, creative bars,  and sights to see.

One of the co-hosts also may or may not be Estonian.

Old Town, Tallinn
Narrow street in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia
tallinn old town market
city center of tallinn

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mastermind Event?

In our masterminds you’ll be strategically placed in a group of 4-5 people based on where you’re at in your business or career.

The goal of the mastermind is to walk the rest of the group through your business and the key problems you’re trying to solve.

Other members will be asking questions to try and get to the root of the issue and provide their experiences and advice to help break through this. They will also serve as accountability partners.

You’ll have a safe, open space to discuss your biggest problems and hopefully, leave with actionable takeaways and new connections.

Historically these have been the most valuable events for both ourselves and tons of others in the industry.

Can I get a bulk discount?

Absolutely! If you’re attending with more than ten people, please contact us at and we’ll hook your company up with a deal.

Do I need a visa to go to Estonia?

It depends on your nationality. If you are a citizen of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), you do not need a visa to enter Estonia.

However, if you are a citizen of a non-EU/EEA country, you may need a visa. You can check the visa requirements for your specific situation on the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or consult with the Estonian embassy or consulate in your country.

My Visa was declined. Can I get a refund?

If you get rejected for a visa, please contact our team at and we’ll help you out,.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Life happens – if for some reason you’re unable to attend the event, you’ll be able to transfer the ticket to someone else. Please contact us to make this happen.

Please note that once your name badge has already been printed out, the ticket cannot be transferred anymore.

Networking & Parties

We’ve attended over 100 conferences in our lifetime – we know how these work.

Amazing speakers are critical. The mastermind will transform your business.

But… You’ll get the most out of networking with all the amazing people coming here.

That’s why we’ve left plenty of time for networking in between talks and planned two epic parties.

Make life-long friends, meet your future business partner, and get the inside scoop on whats happening in the SEO world.


Thanks to Our Sponsors!

SEO Estonia comes with nearly 40 people working on it - event planners, videographers, an audio team, lighting experts, our fantastic speakers, a make up artist, decorators, marketers, an MC, designers, and a bunch more people.

None of this would be possible without the help of our sponsors.
We would like to give a special thank you to:

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